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Monday, 13 March 2017

Finding Self-Love With Pik

There’s nothing quite like a love story… But how about a love story about learning to love yourself? This is the story of me meeting Rungtiwa Chomklin, or “Pik”, at the Namina Wellness Spa in Helsinki.

Before massage at Namina Wellness Spa

About a month ago I decided it was time to treat myself. It was my 40th birthday and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d booked myself in for a massage. It’s amazing how many people and things sometimes come before “me” time. So when a lovely lady named Susan told me that a lady named Pik had just started to run a new day spa in my area,  I knew I had to go and find her. Because Pik sounded like someone special.

It took a few attempts to figure out where I might find Pik as I didn’t have her address, but then, one rainy Monday afternoon a sign in the street looked promising. I opened the door to Namina Wellness Spa and as soon as I set my foot through the door, I was offered some comfy slippers. Then Pik introduced herself to me. She was as gentle and caring as I had imagined her to be.

Namina Wellness Spa in Katajanokka


Leaving the pressures behind

Pik showed me around the beautiful new Asian style day spa, proudly named after her teenage daughter, Namina. As a busy Mum I knew we were going to have a lot in common. Pik told me that ever since she was young she knew that deep down she’d want to do thai massage for a living. But as much as she knew what she wanted, she did not have the courage to follow her dream. Instead, she ended up as a biochemist, working and teaching in a laboratory and having a successful career as a scientist.

– I felt so sad when I did that job. Inside I knew I was in the wrong career, but I was young and trying to please my parents who didn’t approve of me learning thai massage, Pik tells me.

Thankfully, Pik found her way from Thailand to Finland with a bit of help from her husband, Antti. She broke all the rules and left behind all the pressures of her old career and started a new life in Helsinki. She taught herself thai massage and other Asian wellness treatments, which she now offers both in Katajanokka and at her other day spa in Tehtaankatu. She is a lady much loved by her customers.

"Pik", off Namina Wellness Spa


Learning the lessons

Pik is an entrepreneur and CEO with a heart. But learning to follow her heart has not been an easy lesson. It is probably one of the most painful ones for someone as kind as Pik, because she always puts other people first. Haven’t we all been there…?

As we all know, in life there’s often more than one lesson to be learned at any one time. Pik, too, has had to go through the pain of cancer, sadly. Cancer she, thankfully, now has the all-clear of. The feeling of living on borrowed time is ever present in the decisions and plans she makes in her life now.

Pik believes that the years of suppressing her feelings and denying herself the career she really wanted could have had an effect on her health. Although no-one can say for sure that it caused her to have cancer, she is convinced it did have a role to play.

Learning to love and respect ourselves and follow our dreams is the best health insurance in the long run. Keeping our deepest emotions quiet puts our subconscious under a lot of pressure, and that pressure is released into the body. This can trigger the onset of autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease and more. You only need to look around you – we all know someone who has gone through something like this.

Teatime at Namina Wellness Spa


Taking the first steps

Make this week the first week of your life filled with self-love. Book yourself an appointment with a career coach, apply for that job that you really really want or find the person you truly want to be – and to be with! Do not listen to the voice that says you cannot or should not do this. Tell the voice to shut the f*ck up!

Pik knows she made the right decision to move to Finland to set up her business. She is also lucky to be working in a field in which she can really make a difference in this world – by making people feel better.

For me, Pik suggested aroma massage, which is a gentle, soothing and relaxing oil massage for the whole body with a choice of four specially blended oils. Using a combination of long strokes and acupressure techniques, aroma massage allows the properties of natural oils to penetrate into the skin leaving you relaxed and with an increased sense of well-being. I’m still feeling lifted today as I write this to you – even Monday hasn’t undone the goodness!

Namina Wellness Spa offers a wide range of Asian spa treatments, details of which you can view here. To brides, grooms and couples seeking more “couple-love”, there are pamper treatments which can be done with your nearest and dearest next to you.  How’s that for a fresh start? #loveisall #loveisforall #beyourself

Pamper treatments at Namina Wellness Spa


Kent - 2017-08-08 16:24:30
What a wonderful story and incredible woman Pik is. I too have been blessed by our meeting. May she find all the health and happiness she deserves!! An admirer

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