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Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Hostess With The Mostess Turns 40

This weekend Rebellious Bride had the honour of providing “special entertainment” for Finland’s top wedding planner Anu Beadle‘s 40th birthday party in Tampere. The evening was a joint celebration with Anu’s husband, Paul Beadle, who turned 50 earlier this year.

Anu Beadle on her 40th birthday

Anu truly is the hostess with the mostess.  Up until a month ago the award-winning entrepreneur still wasn’t sure whether to organise a birthday party for herself at all, but then she decided to go for it as stylishly AND as relaxed as she possibly could – not the easiest of combinations, I’d say! But: Anu is a professional and organising fabulous parties is her forte.

With little time to pick a venue – and everything else that goes with a party – she went for Kristilla Manor, a beautifully decorated period house close to her childhood home. And what a perfect choice it was… Being the glamorous wedding planner and owner of Lily Dream Wedding that she is, there was no detail out of place, no grumpiness in sight. How the hell does she manage to make it look so incredibly easy? IDK!

Champagne at Anu Beadle's 40th birthday party Guests were treated to Anu’s favourite champagne at the door.

Canapés at Anu Beadle's 40th birthday partyThe canapés were all locally sourced by the birthday girl herself.

Kristillan kartanon salakapakkaAfter a buffet dinner a movie themed bar was open.

"Tigers" at Kristilla ManorThank God the tigers stayed behind bar(s)…

Rebellious Bride at Kristilla Manor

…because there was a hot chick in da house!!!

Anu Beadle's Birthday Party Programme

Rebellious Bride loved Kristilla Manor – thank you, Anu and Paul, for having me there to entertain you and your guests! (So glad I decided to bring my stretch limo, too.)

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Rebellious Bride’s fabulous party make-up was by Ilana Johansson at Katajanokan Kauneusklinikka.

Rebellious Bride is Bewitched!!!


Anu Beadle - 2016-11-20 21:23:11
Thank you so much for fabulous entertainment. We had so much fun. Xxx Mr& Mrs B

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