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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Time to Turn The Magic “ON”

As long as I can remember I have loved lights. All kinds of lights and decorative lighting you can think of. If ever times have been dark or sad in my life, I’ve treated myself to some new twinkly lights, circus lights, candles, you name it! However, over the years I’ve learned there’s no point in looking for that elusive light at the end of the tunnel. The best thing you can do is turn all the lights on yourself – and I mean literally.

Light up wedding dress by Rainbow Bride


A rainbow themed wedding shoot

As a curious alternative wedding blogger I’ve often wondered what lights would look like on a wedding dress. How would a bride or groom feel if they had lights attached to their wedding attire? Pretty amazing I thought! Still, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined just how amazing and magical until I wore my light up wedding dress by “Rainbow Bride” Evey Rothstein for the first time. I literally felt I was bathing in light right in the middle of the most miserable part of winter in HEL (also known as Helsinki).

In this rainbow themed blog post, on the day that the new marriage equality law comes into force in Finland, I want to share some of the magic of a light up dress with you. I want you to remember love and light are for all. I also want to offer a real alternative to those brides and grooms looking for that something “different”. This is about as different as you can go whilst still looking stunning and incredibly fashionable! So I hope you enjoy the results of my rainbow and unicorn themed wedding shoot in collaboration with Rainbow Bride. The pics were taken by Petri Tuohimaa / Barkland Design at the magical Svartå Manor.

Rainbows and unicorns at Svartå Manor

Jumping for joy at Svartå Manor

Photographer Petri Tuohimaa speaks of his excitement at the shoot:

– I wanted to reflect the lightness (quite literally) and positivity of the dress whilst respecting the historical location of Svartå Manor. The pure joy and spontaneity of the little bridesmaids, who loved being princesses for the day, ensured a fun session where there wasn’t a dull moment!  A stunning location met a colourful and radical bride – making the end result a beautiful “marriage”.

Light up wedding dress at Svartå Manor

Light up wedding dress and tutus

The Jackson Pollock inspired dress is the first light up wedding dress Evey Rothstein has sent to Finland. Evey is now following the new adventures of the dress via Rebellious Bride’s blog and social media. I’m hoping our rainbow between LA and Helsinki will lead me to actually meet her one day.

– These pictures capture all the things important for a bride. And what’s most awesome about them is that they also have almost a religious classical, artsy traditional vibe. They are incredible, says Evey.

Fantasy wedding shoot by Rebellious Bride

So, how do you feel about this alternative wedding look…? Tell me! Write or comment, share the post, follow @raggarimorsian on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more alternative wedding ideas. And last but not least, get 10% off your wedding dress or electric veil now by Evey’s gorgeous Tutu Yummy. Mention Rebellious Bride when contacting Evey via and wear the magic!

Rebellious Bride wants to thank Svartå Manor for the most gorgeous location, Koruharakka for the fun jewellery, Zio Shoes for the bright pink Hunter Boots, for the glitter bling bridal bouquet, Maarit Liimatta for making me look so beautiful and Mikko Helin of Kampaamo Pesula for doing my hair. And to my supercool and gorgeous bridesmaids in the pictures: break the rules and follow your heart!


Iina - 2017-03-01 21:14:13
Nää kuvat ovat kyllä ihan törkeän upeita!! <3 :) Oli ihana tutustua sinuun häämessuilla! Sain itsekin tänään valmiiksi kirjoitukseni tapahtumasta - ja tietenkin sinusta! ;) Toivottavasti törmätään pian taas uudelleen ja ihanaa kevään jatkoa sinulle! <3
Raggarimorsian - 2017-03-01 21:34:10
Kiitos, oli ilo tavata myös sinut! <3 Iloa ja valoa (!) kevääseen ja ollaan yhteyksissä! <3
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