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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

One Rebellious summer? Hellyeah!

What a summer it’s been! First there was the book launch of Rebellious Wedding Guide Raggarimorsiamen hääopas – my first book – followed by the launch of Rock The Frock – my first official music video. Yes, I have been busy (and grumpy at times), but in my experience, new things and adventures do not tend to happen unless you work your ass off and make them happen. And when they do, it is time pat yourself on the back and also give thanks to your partners in crime. Hellyeah!

Rebellious Bride took Ruisrock festival by storm in July. Picture by Elina Manninen.


First of all, I’d like to thank my fabulous photographer and friend Elina Manninen, whose pictures you will see in my book and on nearly every page of this blog. I met Elina when I was planning my own wedding in 2014 and I am glad I did. In her beautiful blog you will find some pictures she took of us on our big day last August. And as many of you will know, my second time at the altar was the trigger to all that is Raggarimorsian Rebellious Bride.

One of my favourite wedding photos by Elina Manninen


For my book I would like to thank my publisher Gummerus and Publishing Manager Johanna Paaso who became a Mrs during this book project. Funny that! <3

Mental Maid of Honour. Photo by Elina M.


Special thanks go to my dear friend Tuulianna Tola and hubby Timo Turpeinen, who both contributed to the book in the roles of “Mental Maid of Honour” and “Smooth Groom”. Please go and buy the book if you haven’t already and tell all your friends to buy it too! I already know of a bride who is getting married for the second time after reading my book. The book also offers plenty of tips to the groom and other members of the wedding party, leaving no-one cold. But beware, this wedding guide comes without the usual sugar coating and I am NOT counting the amount of times anyone has been down the aisle. None of us are perfect and all of us are human.

For the video I cannot take much credit for as the idea came from my very talented friend and former colleague Aira Vehaskari. Aira, the woman behind production company Blooming Rock, wanted to work with Rebellious Bride and wrote, directed and edited the trash the dress themed video. Thank you, Aira and everyone who took part in the making of this video! Thank you also to my friend Petri Tuohimaa for all the “making of” pictures and video which you can watch here.

With Director Aira Vehaskari.


Please share it and make Rock The Frock go where no bride has before! I want all brides out there to know that the most beautiful jewel you can wear on your wedding day is your own personality, as feisty or shy as it might be. And even if the whole world seems against you sometimes, just tell it to get out of your way.

Last but not least I would like to thank my hubby and guitar hero Timo who also goes by the name Tex Turpeinen. Rock the Frock was another labour of love composed by Timo. Timo also played the guitar and all other instruments except for drums, which were played by Kalle Miettinen. Please go and buy the single – it’ll be the most fun euro (yes 1€!!!) you have ever spent. And if you really like it, take a listen to Timo’s guitar instrumental album Four Winds.

Rock The Frock was filmed at Kartano Games, Lohja, Finland. Photos: Petri Tuohimaa/Barkland Design.


Don’t forget you may also book us to perform at your wedding, fair or rock festival – we love to spread the Rebellious spirit around. Life is simply too short for sitting down. Stay tuned!

Love, R xx

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